About Us

Our Mission

The mission of CCCA is to provide quality live performances at affordable prices for the community of Carlsbad, NM and the surrounding area. Historically, one of CCCA’s goals has been to bring Outreach Programs to Carlsbad’s students during the school year, providing them a forum to interact with culturally-diverse, world-renowned musicians, artists and performers with the intent to inspire these young people to develop a lifelong appreciation of the arts.

Our History

Organized in the spring of 1943 by a group of culturally minded residents, the Carlsbad Community Concert Association (CCCA) has, without interruption, endeavored to bring world-class live entertainment to the Carlsbad area for over 70 years. For most of that time, the performing artists were contracted through Community Concerts from New York City. In 2003, CCCA partnered with Live On Stage, Inc., an entertainment service organization out of Nashville TN, which provides an outstanding artist roster from which performances are selected for the upcoming season.

In 1946, The US Potash Company generously donated a nine foot Steinway grand piano to the Carlsbad Community Concert Association. It is, by far, a most treasured possession. It is an instrument that has been coveted by many of the professional pianists who have been fortunate enough play it.

In the early years, CCCA’s subscriptions topped over 1,000 adults and students, in addition to block subscriptions from local corporations, businesses and civic organizations. This traditional support has been maintained throughout seven decades by the hard work of the Board of Directors and the loyalty of its Subscribers, Donors, Benefactors and Patrons.

Performances are booked a year in advance based on the income derived from the sale of annual subscriptions; this ensures that concerts are funded in advance of their booking. As an additional benefit, Carlsbad Season Subscribers have reciprocity with the Concert Associations in Las Cruces and Silver City, whereby they may attend performances at no charge!

Live On Stage, Inc. reviews more than 600 National and International artists before selecting a roster of 38 stellar artists from which the Concert Associations may select the programming that best fulfills the cultural needs of their communities. Live On Stage also provides expertise with publicity, marketing, web design and maintenance; and other business functions to support Concert Associations across America in their commitment to bring the ‘best of the best’ in live entertainment to their communities.

The CCCA Board of Directors is made up of individuals from diverse backgrounds, skills and interests; many of whom either attended the concerts as children or whose parents served on the Board which inspired a legacy of service. All Board Members, regardless of affiliation, do so out of their passion for music, live performance and a commitment to community service. Carlsbad Community Concert Association is a 501c3 non-profit organization.